High Cholesterol

High cholesterol is a common health concern in the modern world. It is often associated with an unhealthy lifestyle, poor dietary habits, and a lack of exercise. Chinese medicine offers a holistic approach to managing high cholesterol by addressing the root causes and treating the body as a whole. This article will explore the different Chinese medicine syndromes associated with high cholesterol and their corresponding herbal treatments.

  1. Superficial Dampness-Heat

Symptoms: Abdominal swelling or pain, burning sensation and itch in the genitals or anus, abundant saliva, coughing out watery sputum, congested chest, fatigue, diarrhea with forceful discharge of stools, and more.

Treatment: To clear heat and remove dampness, use Xiao-Zhi-Tang, which includes ingredients such as carp, celery, horse bean, jellyfish skin, Job's-tears, prickly ash, hyacinth bean, oregano, sweet basil, adzuki bean, bamboo shoot, soybean sprouts, rosin, banana, bitter endive, black fungus, salt, spinach, strawberry, cucumber, leaf beet, mung bean, peppermint, and purslane.

  1. Spleen-Sputum

Symptoms: Abdominal swelling, abundant saliva, coughing out watery sputum, fatigue, overweight but eating only a small amount of food, poor appetite, slight fullness of the stomach, suppression of menses, and weakened limbs.

Treatment: To strengthen the spleen, harmonize the stomach, remove sputum, and transform dampness, use Jia-Wei-Er-Chen-Tang. Ingredients include bamboo shoot, crown daisy, date, fresh ginger, leaf or brown mustard, black and white pepper, white or yellow mustard seed, asparagus, and pear.

  1. Hot Stomach

Symptoms: Bad breath, bleeding from gums, foul breath from the mouth, getting hungry easily, gum swelling, hiccups, morning sickness, nosebleed, pain in the gums with swelling, pain in the throat, perspiring on the head, and more.

Treatment: To clear the internal heat and promote bowel movements, use Da-Cheng-Qi-Tang, which includes salt, lily flower, bitter endive, camellia, cattail, black fungus, spinach, strawberry, banana, cucumber, and licorice.

  1. Liver-Fire Upsurging

Symptoms: Acute dizziness, bleeding from the stomach, congested chest, deafness, dim eyes, dizziness, dry sensations in the mouth, feeling hurried and quick-tempered or feeling insecure about sleep, getting angry easily, headache on both sides of the head and in the corners of the eyes, and more.

Treatment: To clear the heat and sedate the fire in the liver, use Long-Dan-Xie-Gan-Tang. Ingredients include spinach, chestnut, shepherd's purse, rye, black fungus, vinegar, abalone, asparagus, chicken egg, white fungus, pork, and royal jelly.

  1. Spleen-Kidneys Yang Deficiency

Symptoms: Abdominal swelling, cold hands and feet or cold loins, diarrhea before dawn, diarrhea with sticky, muddy stools, eating only a little, edema, fatigue, fear of cold, flying objects seen in front of the eyes, four limbs weakness, and more.

Treatment: To tone the kidneys and the spleen yang, use Qing-Zhi-Tang, which includes air bladder of shark, chicken, cayenne pepper, fennel, nutmeg, black and white pepper, prickly ash, mutton, sword bean,Β 

white or yellow mustard, kidney, lobster, sardine, shrimp, sparrow, clove, dill seed, fennel, pistachio nut, sparrow egg, crab apple, raspberry, and walnuts.

  1. Simultaneous Deficiency of Energy and Blood

Symptoms: Arteriosclerosis patient, bleeding of various kinds with blood in light color, often seen in consumptive diseases, chest pain or congestion, dizziness, fatigue, flying objects seen in front of the eyes, insomnia, low energy, low voice, numbness of limbs, pale complexion and lips, pale nails, palpitations, and ringing in the ears.

Treatment: To regulate energy and activate the blood, use Guan-Xin-Er-Hao-Fang. Ingredients include abalone, asparagus, cuttle-fish, chicken egg, duck egg, white fungus, beef liver, grape, mandarin fish, oyster, milk, beef, cherry, blood clam, longan nuts, maltose, Irish potato, sweet rice, apple cucumber, bog bean, gold carp, carrot, chestnut, ham, horse bean, hyacinth bean, Job's-tears, royal jelly, string bean, whitefish, yam, red and black date, mutton, squash, and rock sugar.


Chinese medicine offers a unique perspective on treating high cholesterol by addressing the root causes and individual symptoms. The treatments mentioned above are designed to target specific imbalances within the body that contribute to high cholesterol levels. By incorporating these natural remedies and maintaining a healthy lifestyle, one can effectively manage and reduce high cholesterol. However, it is crucial to consult with a qualified practitioner of Chinese medicine before starting any herbal treatments, as they can determine the appropriate remedies for your specific condition and ensure safe and effective treatment.