Immune Excess

Immune excess occurs when the body overreacts to foreign agents. This overreaction can contribute to various types of diseases and health issues. Regulating foods, as referred to in traditional Chinese medicine, can help control the internal environment of the body to reduce immune excess. This article explores the concept of regulating foods and their role in managing immune excess and promoting overall health.

Understanding Immune Excess and Regulating Foods

Toxic heat in the internal environment can increase the susceptibility to diseases. Habits like smoking, excessive alcohol consumption, and eating spicy foods can contribute to this condition. Chinese medicine emphasizes the use of regulating foods that are cool or cold in nature to reduce toxic heat in the internal environment. Examples of these foods include adzuki beans, aloe vera, asparagus, bamboo shoots, bitter gourd, celery seeds, chrysanthemums, crabs, figs, grapefruits, honeysuckle, lotus rhizome, and peppermint.

Regulating Foods for Reducing Damp Heat

Damp heat can affect various parts of the body simultaneously, causing acute and contagious diseases. Foods that help reduce damp heat include alfalfa, buckwheat, celery roots, Chinese cabbage, corn silk, cucumbers, fig leaves, green turtle, job's tears root, olives, plantains, soybean oil, squash flowers, and turnip seeds.

Foods to Eliminate Sputum

Sputum in the body is responsible for numerous health issues, including swelling, lumps, and mucous discharge. Foods that help eliminate sputum include almonds, apple peck, asparagus, bamboo oil, bean drink, bottle gourds, celery, chicken gall bladder, citron, clams, common button mushrooms, garlic, ginkgo, grapefruit, honey, lemon leaves, licorice, limes, oysters, peanuts, pears, peppermint, and white sugar.

Foods for Promoting Energy Circulation

Poor energy circulation within the body can lead to energy congestion, causing various symptoms like chest pain, abdominal pain, and swelling. Foods that promote energy circulation include ambergris, beef, camphor, cardamom seeds, carrots, cherry roots, chicken eggs, chives, citrons, clams, common button mushrooms, fennel roots and seeds, garlic, green onions, jasmine flowers, marjoram, muskmelon seeds, mustard seeds, radish leaves, spearmint, and vinegar.

Foods for Promoting Blood Circulation

Poor blood circulation can lead to blood coagulation and various health issues, including persistent pain, swelling, and skin discoloration. Foods that promote blood circulation include ambergris, antler, arrowhead, brown sugar, celery, chestnuts, chili peppers, clams, coriander, crabs, eel blood, eggplant leaves, fish air bladder, ginger leaves, green onions, hawthorn fruits, leaf beets, lemon roots, lotus flowers, peaches, peony flowers, plantains, plum kernels, safflower fruits, seagrass, shark, sweet basil, turmeric, and vinegar.


The concept of regulating foods in traditional Chinese medicine offers a natural and holistic approach to managing immune excess and creating balance within the body. By incorporating regulating foods that reduce toxic heat, damp heat, and sputum, while promoting energy and blood circulation, one can support their immune system and overall health.