Retention of Lochia


The etiology of retention of lochia is either emotional problems leading to stagnation of Qi and stasis of Blood, or invasion of external cold during or after labor.


The pathology of retention of lochia is always stasis of Blood. This may derive from stagnation of Qi or from invasion of Cold in the Uterus.

Identification of patterns and treatments

Qi and Blood stagnation

Clinical manifestations:

  • No lochial discharge or scanty discharge with clots, or a discharge that stops and starts
  • Abdominal pain
  • Tongue: Purple
  • Pulse: Wiry

Treatment principle:

  • Move Qi
  • Invigorate Blood
  • Eliminate stasis

Stagnation of Cold and stasis of Blood

Clinical manifestations:

  • Absent or scanty, dark lochial discharge with small, stringy clots
  • Abdominal pain relieved by the application of heat
  • Cold limbs
  • Tongue: Bluish-Purple
  • Pulse: Deep, Tight, Slow

Treatment principle:

  • Warm the Uterus
  • Scatter Cold
  • Invigorate Blood
  • Eliminate stasis