Tinnitus from Wind-Heat


1 Cough
1 Coughing out blood
1 Dizziness
1 Headache
1 Headache with dizziness
1 Intolerance of light in eyes with swelling and dislike of wind
1 Muddy discharge from nose
2 Nasal congestion
1 Nosebleed
1 Pain in the eyes
1 Pain in the throat
1 Red eyes
3 Ringing in ears and deafness all of a sudden
1 Thirst
1 Toothache
1 Yellow urine
1 Yellowish discharge from the nose

Remedial Principle

to clear heat and disperse wind and to expand the lungs

Remedial Formula

Yin-Qiao-San or Cang-Er-Zi-San

Food Remedies

banana, bitter endive, black fungus, salt, spinach, strawberry, bamboo shoot, cucumber, Job's-tears, laver, leaf beet, mung bean, peppermint, purslane, spearmint, sweet basil, celery, coconut meat and green onion