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Xing Ren (Apricot Seed)

Mix herbal extract with water, stir, and consume.

Category: Transform Phlegm, Cough/Wheezing

Alternative English Names: Apricot Kernel

Pharmaceutical Name: Armeniacae Semen

Channels: Lung, Large Intestine

Taste: Bitter

Temperature: Slightly warm, slightly toxic


  1. Stop coughing, calm wheezing
  2. Moisten intestines, unblock bowels


  1. Cough due to heat or cold
  2. Constipation


  • Cough due to yin deficiency
  • Overdosage
  • Do not combine with Pueraria, Astragalus, Scute


  • Infants
  • Diarrhea


  • Powder: 1-3g
  • Herb: 3-9g

100g Blend of Herbal Powder

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