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Beef is often seen as a good choice for several things in Chinese Medicine. If you're underweight or dealing with diabetes and swelling, beef could be for you.

Beef is thought to be neutral and sweet. People believe it's good for your spleen and stomach, and it can help boost your energy and blood.

How to Prepare Beef:

  1. For chronic diarrhea: Try concentrated beef soup.
  2. To help your stomach: Mix 1000g of beef with 10g of black pepper and 5g of dried orange peel powder. Add a cup of fresh ginger juice and some salt. Let it sit for 2 hours, then cook the beef. Eat this to feel better and get hungry.

To Make Ginger Juice:
Grate fresh ginger and boil it in water to make ginger juice.


  • Beef kidney: Some believe it can help with things like making you feel more lively and improving men's health.
  • Beef liver: People think it can help your eyes see better and be good for your liver.

Always check with a healthcare professional for personalized advice.

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