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Bitter Apricot Seeds

Bitter Apricot Seeds

These seeds are known for getting rid of sticky stuff in your body called phlegm, making coughs go away, and helping your insides slide smoothly. They are often used to help with breathing problems like asthma and making sure you can go to the bathroom easily if you're stuck.

How to Prepare Them:

  1. For Breathing Problems: Take a pear and make a hole in it. Put 9g of crushed apricot seeds (either bitter or sweet) inside the hole. Seal it up. Boil this pear in water. Then, drink the water and eat what's inside the pear. You can also crush the bitter apricot seeds and mix them with the same amount of special sugar called rock sugar. Make this into apricot candy. Eat 9g of this candy two times a day, once in the morning and once at night, for 10 days.

  2. For Stomach Comfort: Crush 5 apricot seeds, 7 black peppers, and 7 red dates. Make these into little tablets. Take them with rice wine if your stomach hurts.

Safety Notes:

  • Bitter apricot seeds taste sour and have hot energy, but they're a bit risky. Eating too many is bad for your body, especially your tendons and bones.
  • Be very careful! These seeds have a thing called hydrocyanic acid that's not good for you. Eating too many can make you feel really sick.
  • Sweet apricot seeds are made into safe foods like cookies, teas, and juices. But remember, even sweet ones can be risky.

Both kinds of apricot seeds can make your lungs feel good, help with coughs, and help your insides feel better. Always be careful with how much you eat!

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