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Carrots are seen as neutral and sweet in Chinese Medicine. They're thought to help with making pee, helping your tummy, and impacting your lungs and spleen.

How to Prepare Carrots:

  1. For night blindness: Eat fresh or cooked carrots regularly.
  2. For whooping cough in kids: Boil carrots and red dates in water.
  3. For burns: Use fresh carrot juice on the skin.
  4. To help with peeing: Boil 5g carrot seeds in 2 glasses of water until only 1 glass is left. Drink the soup.
  5. For frequent urination at night: Bake carrot peels until they look burned. Eat them hot.
  6. For better blood: Cook carrots with spinach, lotus roots, or other combos like tomatoes, onion, and beef.
  7. For better vision: Cook carrots with chicken or duck liver.

Studies on animals suggest carrots might help lower blood sugar.

Carrots are thought to be good for helping you pee and for calming inflammation. They're also seen as helpful for things like measles rashes.

As always, it's best to talk to a healthcare professional for advice that's right for you.

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