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Cherry Seed

Cherry Seed

The therapeutic properties of natural ingredients have been at the forefront of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) for centuries. Among these ingredients, cherry seeds have garnered attention for their potent benefits. Let's delve deeper into how TCM utilises cherry seeds for the treatment of measles, eye sties, and skin scars.

Cherry seeds, in their neutral form, are recognized for their unique bitter and pungent flavor profile. They are employed in TCM due to their ability to counteract toxic effects and promote the outbreak of rashes during a measles infection. But how are these seeds prepared, and how can you harness their healing properties?

Soothing Eye Sties with Cherry Seeds

In the case of an eye sty, a small lump on the eyelid, cherry seeds can provide relief. The seeds need to be ground into a fine powder and mixed with water. This mixture is then externally applied to the affected area, providing an organic remedy to cure the sty.

Scar Elimination with Cherry Seed Wash

If you're looking to fade scars, cherry seeds might be your go-to natural solution. Boil the cherry seeds in water and utilize this liquid concoction to cleanse the affected skin. With consistent use, the scars may diminish, revealing clearer, healthier skin.

Combatting Measles with Cherry Seeds

Measles, an infectious viral disease causing fever and a red rash on the skin, can also be addressed using cherry seeds. Boiling 9g of cherry seeds in one cup of water and consuming the liquid may aid in promoting the outbreak of the characteristic measles rash. This method can speed up the healing process. For additional relief, the body can be bathed with a liquid obtained by boiling 150g of cherry seeds in four cups of water.

Healing Carbuncles with Cherry Seed Preparation

Carbuncles, severe skin infections that often involve a group of hair follicles, can be treated with a more concentrated cherry seed mixture. Crush 90 to 150g of cherry seeds using a pestle or hammer and boil in water. The resulting solution can be used to wash the affected skin, promoting healing and relief.

In conclusion, the use of cherry seeds in Traditional Chinese Medicine showcases the profound healing potential of natural ingredients. They present an organic, holistic approach to health and well-being, addressing various ailments from common infections to skin conditions. So, next time you relish the delicious taste of cherries, remember not to discard the seeds; they might just be the key to unlocking a world of natural health benefits.

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