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Clams and Their Uses

Saltwater clams can help with water build-up (edema), stuffy nose, goiter, and some women's issues. Freshwater clams are helpful for issues like women's bleeding, eye problems, skin issues, and the same women's issues. Clamshell powder from both water types has its uses too, like helping with blood sugar balance and more.

What's Inside a Clam?

  • Saltwater Clam: Cold and salty, it works on your belly to help pass water and make mucus go away. It also softens hard things like goiter.
  • Freshwater Clam: Cold, sweet, and salty, it helps clear stuff out and is good for your eyes, liver, and kidneys.

How to Use Clams

  • Clamshell Powder: You can bake clamshells and grind them to make powder.
  • Tablets: Mix clamshell powder with garlic and take 10 tablets with warm water once a day. This can help if you're weak and have water build-up.
  • For Burns: Mix clamshell powder with animal fat and put it on burns.
  • For Belly Issues: Mix clamshell powder with licorice powder. Take a little with warm water twice a day.
  • Eating Clams: Eating clam meat can help with neck bumps and goiter.
  • Clam and Chive: Cook these together to help with lung issues and sweating at night.
  • Soup: Boil clamshell powder, peanut layer, and red dates for a special soup. This can help with nosebleeds and gum bleeding.

Clinical Report

In some studies, freshwater clamshell powder fried until it turns yellow-brown has been used to help with belly issues. But always check with a health expert before you try something new.

Remember, this is for educational purposes and you should consult a healthcare expert for personalized advice.

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