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Coptis (rhizome)

Coptis Rhizome, also known as Huang Lian or Oren, is a traditional Chinese herb used to treat a range of conditions associated with heat and dampness in the body. It is produced by Sun Ten and is available in a 50 gm package. The manufacturing process for Coptis involves a powder decocted concentrate, which is then taken in a dosage of 1 gm, 2-3 times per day.

This herb is effective at clearing heat and drying dampness, and is often used to treat symptoms such as stomach and intestines damp heat, stomach heat, severe heat, excess-type conditions, and blood heat. It is also used to cool heat, drain stomach and heart fire, resolve toxicity, and stop bleeding.

Coptis is classified as a cold herb with a bitter taste, and it is believed to affect the heart, large intestine, liver, and stomach channels in the body. It is contraindicated in cases of cold signs, yang deficiency, stomach and spleen damage, yin deficiency, and stomach cold from deficiency.

100g Blend of Herbal Powder

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