Fresh Ham

Fresh Ham

A Natural Help for Your Tummy and Nerves

Feeling a bit shaky or have an upset belly? Fresh ham might be a good pick-me-up.

How to Use Fresh Ham:

  1. For Hiccups and Tummy Pain: Make a soup by boiling ham and red pepper. Skim off the fat floating on top. Drink this warm soup to help with hiccups and tummy ache that's been bugging you for a few days.

  2. For Long-Lasting Diarrhea: Boil 200g of ham in water on low heat for a whole day until it's really soft. Take off the fat on top and drink the soup.

Extra Tips:

  • Fresh ham is warm and salty. It's thought to be good for your spleen and helps get your appetite back.
  • The soup recipes remove the fat, which makes them a healthier option.

So if your tummy is rumbling or you're feeling a bit jittery, fresh ham could offer some natural comfort. But remember, it's always best to talk to a health expert for advice that's right for you.

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