Main Points

  • Kelp can help with swollen glands, swollen neck (like in goiter), hiccups, trouble swallowing, water build-up in the body, swollen and painful parts in men, and some women issues.
  • Kelp feels cold and tastes salty. It's good for calming down warm feelings in the body and for making hard things soft. It's good for the stomach.

How to Use

  • Eating kelp during meals can help with swollen neck. You can also mix kelp powder with honey and eat it.

What Research Says

  • One study found that kelp can help when someone doesn't have enough iodine in their body, which can affect their thyroid. It also helps with some other thyroid issues but only for a little while.
  • Another study said kelp can lower blood pressure and help with breathing problems like asthma and coughing.

Extra Info

  • Remember, kelp can make you feel cool and is salty.
  • If you eat kelp for a long time, you might lose weight. It's not good for pregnant ladies or people who get stomachaches easily.
  • Want to make kelp powder? Cook the kelp until it's crispy, let it dry, and crush it into a powder.
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