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Kumquats are warm and pack a mix of sweet, sour, and sharp flavors. They're good for making your cough softer and clearing out mucus. They can also help get your body's energy flowing right.


For Older Cough and Breathing Issues

  • Steam 5 to 10 fresh kumquats with a piece of rock sugar for 30 minutes. Eat a few each time, two times a day.

For Hard-to-Digest Food

  • Eat a few fresh kumquats to make your belly feel better.

Dried Kumquats

  • Put fresh kumquats in the sun to make them dry.

For Belly Pain

  • Boil 10 dried kumquats in 6 cups of water until you're left with 3 cups of water. Drink 1 cup, three times a day.

For Side Pain

  • Crush 10 dried kumquats and boil them in half water and half rice wine. Drink a cup, twice a day.

Sugar Kumquats for Low Appetite

  • Dry fresh kumquats in the sun until they're half-dry. Soak them in syrup.
  • Chew 30g of these sugar kumquats slowly to help boost your appetite when you have a cold or feel sick from moving around.
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