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Warm and Sweet for Your Heart and Mind

Longan is known for its warm and sweet nature. It helps your heart and spleen, and can even be used as a blood and energy booster. It's particularly good if you have trouble sleeping, forget things often, or feel jumpy and uneasy.

How to Use Longan:

  1. For Dizziness and Low Weight: Steam 15g of longan with lean pork, fresh ginger, and a little rice wine. Eat this once a day to feel better.

  2. Longan Jelly: Mix equal parts of longan and sugar. Steam to make a jelly. A spoonful of this with warm water can help if you feel dizzy or have swelling after giving birth.

  3. For Daily Use: Boil 15g longans, 5 red dates, 30g brown sugar, and a slice of fresh ginger. Drink it as a soup once a day.

Extra Info:

  • Longan has warm energy. It's good for your heart and spleen.
  • It can help make your blood and energy better.

Tips & Warnings:

  • Always talk to a health expert before trying new foods for health, especially if you're pregnant or have other health issues.

If you often feel tired, forgetful, or nervous, longan might be a natural option worth considering. Always talk to a health expert to get advice that's right for you.

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