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Morinda Root

Morinda Root


Morinda root, known as Baijitian in Chinese medicine, holds a significant place in traditional practices due to its numerous health benefits. Also referred to as "never-withering-and-falling," this name symbolizes longevity and resilience, perfectly capturing the essence of this remarkable herb. Morinda root's extensive medicinal properties stem from its rich content of vitamin C and carbohydrates.

Background and Taxonomy

Morinda root is a part of the Rubiaceae family and has the scientific name Morinda officinalis How. In pharmaceutical terms, it is known as Radix Morindae Officinalis. The primary part of the plant utilized for medicinal purposes is its root.

Dosage, Flavor, and Energy

The typical dosage of Morinda root ranges from 7 to 18 grams, depending on the specific ailment being treated. It possesses a pungent and sweet flavor, which is often considered warm and comforting. Its energy is described as warm and corresponds to the herbs used to correct deficiencies.

Traditional Chinese Medicine Classification

In traditional Chinese medicine, Morinda root is classified as an herb that strengthens yang energy and warms the kidneys. It is believed to target the meridians associated with the kidneys, making it particularly effective for addressing health issues related to these vital organs.

Actions and Indications

Morinda root is primarily used to warm the kidneys, strengthen yang, and fortify tendons and bones. This makes it an effective treatment for various ailments, including kidney yang deficiency, impotence, lumbago, dizziness, and ringing in the ears (tinnitus).

For individuals suffering from impotence, lumbago, or cold-damp rheumatism due to kidney yang deficiency, Morinda root has proven to be a beneficial remedy. The herb's ability to strengthen and warm the kidneys directly addresses the root cause of these health issues, offering relief and promoting overall well-being.


The unique properties of Morinda root, or Baijitian, make it a valuable component of traditional Chinese medicine. With a rich history symbolizing longevity and resilience, this herb offers an array of health benefits, particularly for those experiencing kidney-related ailments. By warming the kidneys, strengthening yang, and fortifying tendons and bones, Morinda root has secured its place as a powerful and effective natural remedy.

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