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Pears are cool in nature and have a sweet yet slightly sour taste. They help make more body fluids and can get rid of sticky mucus. Pears are mainly good for your lungs and stomach.

How to Use Pears

  1. For Coughs and Fever Thirst: Drink a glass of fresh pear juice in the morning and at night. This will help with coughs and make you less thirsty if you have a fever.

  2. Vinegar Pears: Soak fresh, whole pears in vinegar. This makes them into vinegar pears.

  3. For Indigestion and Over-Drinking: Eat 2 vinegar pears that you have peeled. This can help if you have an upset stomach or have drunk too much alcohol.

  4. For Swallowing Trouble: Crush 2 vinegar pears to get the juice out. Sip the juice slowly in the morning and night to help with sore throats and when it's hard to swallow.

  5. For Bathroom Trouble: Boil 60g of dried pear peels in water. Drink the liquid to help if it hurts when you go to the bathroom or if it's hard to go.

Note: This is based on traditional Chinese medicine ideas and is not a substitute for medical advice. Always check with a healthcare provider for health concerns.

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