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Persimmons are good for many things like coughs, upset stomach, high blood pressure, and more. They have a cold and sweet nature, helping to hydrate your body and make your lungs and spleen strong.

How to Use Persimmons:

  1. For Upset Stomach: Eat a fresh persimmon twice a day, especially if heat makes your stomach hurt more.

  2. For High Blood Pressure: Squeeze juice from a half-ripe persimmon. Mix with warm water and drink once a day.

  3. White Frost of Persimmon: Dry persimmons in the sun until they get a white powder on them. These are called persimmon cakes.

  4. For Coughs and Asthma: Steam two persimmon cakes with 30g of honey. Eat this mix in the morning and evening.

  5. For Upset Stomach and Diarrhea: Boil 2 persimmon cakes with 60g of sweet rice and some dried orange peel. Eat this with your meal once a day for three days.

  6. For Diarrhea in Kids: Mash a persimmon cake with a bit of long-grain rice and water. Give it to children three times a day for 2-3 days.

  7. For Hemorrhoids: Boil 2 persimmon cakes until very soft. Eat two cakes twice a day.

  8. For Blood in Urine: Make a rice soup and add 2 persimmon cakes. Eat this soup once a day for 5 days.

  9. For Sore Mouth and Cough: Boil 3 to 9g of the white frost from the persimmon in water. Sip this slowly throughout the day.

  10. For Cough and Chest Pain: Boil 3 persimmon cakes with their dried tops (calyxes and receptacles). Drink the juice twice a day.

  11. For Hiccups: Boil 9g of the dried tops of persimmon and 3g of fresh ginger in water. Drink this like tea to help with hiccups.

Persimmons are a versatile fruit that can help in many ways according to Chinese medicine. Always remember to check with a healthcare provider before trying new health practices.

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