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Good For Radish helps with belly swelling from not digesting food well, sore throat from a long-lasting cough with yucky stuff, nosebleeds, and bad belly bugs. It even helps with headaches.

Description Radish has a cool feeling. It's spicy and a bit sweet. It helps your lungs and stomach feel better. Radish helps get rid of bad stuff in your body and makes it easier to digest food. It also helps you get rid of yucky stuff when you cough.


  1. Mix fresh radish juice with ginger juice to help with a sore throat.
  2. Drink fresh radish juice to feel better if you ate or drank something that made you feel bad.
  3. Eating fresh radishes often can help you avoid getting colds, the flu, and problems with breathing.

Remember, these are suggestions from Chinese medicine and are not a replacement for medical advice from a healthcare professional.

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