Counteract Rheumatism

Most of the herbs in this class can effectively relieve pain, particularly muscular pain and pain associated with arthritis and rheumatism. The herbs included in this classification are Chinese clematis, mistletoe, and slender acanthopanax root bark.

For the treatment of arthritis and rheumatism in their initial stages, herbs in this class should be used in conjunction with those in class 1, which induce perspiration. As these illnesses progress to the intermediate stage, treatment should involve both this class of herbs and those in class 12, which promote blood circulation.

According to Chinese beliefs, rheumatism is caused by three factors or any combination thereof: wind, cold, and dampness. When rheumatism is caused by wind, the pain can move throughout the body, causing wandering pain that is difficult for the patient to pinpoint. Chinese clematis and mistletoe are particularly effective for treating arthritis and rheumatism caused by wind. When rheumatism is caused by dampness, the pain typically remains in a specific region, making it easier for the patient to identify. Slender acanthopanax root bark is particularly effective for this type of rheumatism.