Diagnosis by Observations

Doctors use their eyes to check many things about how you're feeling. They look at your energy, your body (like muscles and skin), eyes, certain body openings, face color, and tongue. For really young kids, even fingerprints can tell doctors something.

Good Energy: When you're bright-eyed, speaking clearly, look good, and breathe easily, that's good energy. Being in good spirits helps you get better faster.

Low Energy: If you look and sound tired, and your skin looks dull, it means your energy is low. When this happens, it's harder to get better.

Very Low Energy: When you lose more and more energy, you need help right away.

By checking your body, doctors can learn about how your blood and energy are doing. For example, your eyes can tell doctors about what's happening inside your body.

Different Body Openings: Doctors also check body openings like the tongue, nose, eyes, lips, and ears. They belong to different parts of your body like the heart, lungs, liver, spleen, and kidneys. For example, a red tongue might mean your heart is too warm.

Skin and Face Color: Doctors look at how light or dark your skin is, and if it's dry or wet. For instance, dark skin might mean a deep issue, while light skin might be something on the surface.

Fingerprints for Kids: For kids under three, fingerprints can be a clue. A normal fingerprint is a bit red and bright. If it looks light, the issue might be shallow. If it looks dark, the issue might be deeper.

Tongue Check: Doctors also look at your tongue. A moist tongue means you have enough body fluids. A dry one means you don't. The tip of your tongue can say something about your heart and lungs, while the sides talk about your liver and gallbladder.

Tongue Coating: The covering on your tongue can also say a lot. A thin white layer means things are mostly okay. A thick white layer means something's off, like maybe you're feeling cold or damp inside. A yellow coating might mean you're feeling hot inside.

So, doctors use many ways to understand how you're doing, just by looking carefully. This helps them know how to help you feel better.