Ulcers and Tumors

The Chinese have developed three primary strategies against ulcers and tumors. The first strategy aims to bolster the patient's immune system, especially if the patient is frail or elderly, to help the body counteract the condition. The second strategy focuses on addressing ulcers and tumors by eliminating toxic heat within the body. The third strategy ensures that blood and energy flow smoothly.

Herbs that bolster the immune system are listed under class 16, those that promote blood circulation are in class 11, and those that foster energy circulation can be found in class 12. Herbs that address ulcers and tumors by clearing toxic heat belong to this class. They are potent and should be administered with caution.

This class of herbs is categorized into six subclasses:

  1. Herbs for reducing heat, counteracting toxic effects, and alleviating swelling.
  2. Herbs for reducing heat, aiding water metabolism, and dispelling dampness.
  3. Herbs for eliminating sputum and dispersing coagulations.
  4. Herbs for transforming sputum and softening hardness.
  5. Herbs for unblocking meridian passages and stimulating their activity.
  6. Miscellaneous herbs associated with ulcers and tumors.